New Job, New Adventure

Back to writing.

Well, it has been about 2 years since I wrote a piece in this blog, which is sad and very inconsistent of me. 😦

But anywho, let me start again.

I wanted to write again because I think I have lost the touch of talking to myself. Storytelling has always been my expertise, so why have I not been using it?

These past two years I have developed a certain attraction towards moving images instead of writing or reading. Everything seems to be on video, if you want an information about something, its on video. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook. Anything. Everything is there. So the urge on picking up a pen or even just typing has long gone.

But now, because of a certain event has happened. I think writing would be good again for me which I also hope that my interest in moving pictures or images won’t be too far away from me again.

I have loved moving images since I was a baby. That’s all I can say. When I wake up in the morning, I can still remember our living room in an apartment in Sauders Street, New York. The soft, white carpet that covers our brown picket floor. Our tv placed in the middle of the room, it was as tiny as I can remember, but to a 1 year old, it might have been humungous. I would just sit not far away from the tv and watch my favourite cartoons. Back then, of course, I didn’t know how it would make such a big impact for me now. As I realised, I can never put my eyes away from something visual. It is drawn to me closer and closer, whether its to do with photography or moving pictures.

So now, after 3 years of being a freelance photographer and part-time videographer (if needed), I landed on a job as a producer again but it is more into the music industry. Now get this, this job that I landed on is the most flexible one I’ve ever experienced. I only work 6 hours , well more or less , in a week. This time, being a producer for this music website isn’t as complicated than being a producer for a big music video production which I have had my fair share back in 2011. But all is good, I am learning something totally new and that is the local music industry in Indonesia. Not just Jakarta, but in Indonesia. These whole entire nation. Hmmm…. quite the homework, right? Well, I can’t say that I am a ‘real’ music enthusiast, I do enjoy music, all sorts, but I can’t say that my knowledge about music is my expertise. So there you have it, Shinta, something new to learn about. I strongly believe that whatever I did in the past, made me come up this path. With a boyfriend who knows more about music than me, I think this is God’s way of making me more humble to my boyfriend’s interest and devotion towards music and Indonesia. Don’t get my wrong, I still love Indonesia, but sometimes I can’t help but think, I do not know much about my own country sometimes.

So here you go, Shinta. Your puzzle now is to figure out how to get yourself more involved in the music industry in your own country and help them visually send their messages in through to the whole country and hopefully, the world.

Until my next writing. 😀



New Job, New Adventure

Fun Freelancing for a Good Cause – Part III

You would think that one has met its match, everything would be alright in the end, right? But again, I try each day to remind myself, don’t be over confident in the things we come across, for sometimes we would find ourselves in very difficult positions that we aren’t able to move or help because there are just things we cannot handle on our own.

Thinking that my main job was done, things got a little heavier when it came to dealing with finance. It wasn’t my duty, though I had to think of the other options and solutions the clients can do. Conflicts among the client and interior designer also rose to surface. And that money can be a very very sensitive subject. Assumptions from both parties were building up and I had to make amends with both. There were mistakes to begin with, but the only point back then was to find a solution to this matter. It was quite crucial because it all depended on the time frame that was available, because it didn’t go through, then we were eventually doomed. My job here was to be able to help each and every side there is to this project and my goodness, my head was cramping. I didn’t know that it would be that difficult to handle cause it really got so tense between all parties. I only can pray that this is all for a good cause, nothing more nothing less, and that everything will turn out okay in the end. I was also praying so hard to God and my grandfather to actually help me out on this. I know I can feel my grandfather present and that he is looking down at me for this. I just needed a little hope.

But no need to worry, my prayers were answered. Finally it all went through and things started to look good. I also cannot believe the fact that Didit (interior designer) can finish all the new designs of 3 rooms could be done in just 2 days. It was the most satisfying feeling ever to have met a good team that could do the job well and right. Without any lack of disadvantage, things had just worked out the way in planned in the end. Although, AxN had to work their way around all that drama, we had managed everything to be done on time.

Overall, this project had made a big impression in me. It felt great to help others. Others who are in need. And this was one of the greatest achievement for me this year in 2012, I must say. Something worthwhile, even for a month. Nothing could beat the pleasure of me, having time to actually talk to every single one who was involved with this project. The client “Axiata” and “Zenith”, the TV production team “AxN”, the kids who got their wishes Adit and Benny, the director of the whole SOS Children villages association of Indonesia and his most helpful colleagues, the XL company in Indonesia and most definitely the interior designer, Didit + Sandri, the fantastic duo couple that made it all happen. God bless. All of them were really kind and helpful in their own special ways. Meeting these all sorts of people was actually what I really want to do. Discovering the stories and backgrounds of most of the people I’m working with. It was a blessing. Nothing can beat with that, as I know that not many can have this kind of experience and I have to say I’m quite lucky to have it all in my plate this past month. This was a great satisfaction had really made me felt worthy of myself and that I can actually do more than what I already have.

I think from time to time I would love to be able to experience projects like this again. As long as I’m helping another and making them smile is all I want to do in my life. Through stories, photographs or moving images, would make me real whole as a person in this world, to become someone a bit better each day.

God bless for all the people that helped this project come through and most of all, praying for the very best for the lovely kids and mothers living in SOS Children Village in Cibubur. May you all be blessed with all the finer things in life. Oh and also God bless for Ibu Dian who gave me this opportunity to make things happen. Hopefully I will find more exciting projects with you.

Thank you God, and the whole Universe for this.

Me with Adit & Benny

SOS Children Village + Friends

Adit And Benny

Juliana, Grace, Zoe, Shinta

Didit, the interior designer