Small and Long Chats

Lately, I have been blessed in meeting all sorts of people that made my day much better.

I will tell you the people who lid me up this past week.

1. Dhee and Julez

These two girls have been my dearest friends since forever. More than 10 years, these girls has made me laugh and smile through my days of growing up. We don’t regularly meet, but when we do, we would already have these precious moments that I cannot really describe in words. They have been there for me, at times when I need them. Never have they thought of me as anyone stranger than life, as they have accepted me the way I am today, and will always be. Julez is in Jakarta at the moment, while waiting on her break-through of her digital e-book and as for Dhee, the newly wed and already pregnant, is working her way in finishing her school, also teaching English in a nearby campus in Jakarta. We, three, have reunited after an absence of 8 years. Definitely enjoyed the day in one of the oldest mall in J-town, and continued with a half an hour photo session back in my place for old time sakes. We will be meeting again soon this coming week before Julez goes back to Riau, where she lives. This small rendezvous was a very very fun one.

2. My uncle, Om Iwan (“Om” is “Uncle” in Indonesian)

This is my favorite uncle whose a pilot from my dad’s side.He is one of the excellent pilots of Garuda Indonesia, and has brought many planes from Seattle to Indonesia. (That’s something huh.) He has always been the most exciting, adventurous and kindest uncle that ever lived. When I was still a kid, he would always kidnap me to go out of the city to have an adventure… Whether it was going to the beach to chill and eat barbecue fish and drink coconut right from the tree or even just chilling, watching the latest movie in the theaters. He has always been a very happy person. And as years gone by, we had connected again through the same hobby that we both have, which is photography.  So one day, I introduced him to Toble (if you read my previous blogs) , and we exchanged our love for cameras and I notice he had a hand-grip strap for his camera, which I have been looking for. After a while we haven’t met for quite a while, he says to pick something from his house, and it was a hand-grip strap! AHH!! Awesomeness.

So he told me to drop by his place to get it anytime I can. Knowing that he usually flies off to who knows where, sometimes, to Europe, or Australia, Japan. I would never know whether he’s in town or not. I decided to drop by one day. Didn’t expected him to be home, but as I was leaving after receiving the small gift, he drives in his garage just in time to chat with me. It was nice to talk to him again. Always admired him since I was a kid. Told him to ask my dad to go cycling on Sundays. He gladly agreed to it and asked my dad to join him that Sunday morning.

3. Mba Dinar (“Mba” is called “Sister” in Indonesian)

A lovely working mother of two whom I met because a dear friend Afra, referred me to her as a freelance writer. Mba Dinar needed someone to write for her upcoming website next year, and needed someone who can connect and share her vision, translating it all to an inspirational journey. After all the bbm texts, phone calls, only-one-time meeting, we met again for the second time for a 2 hour interview. If I was going to write about her, I needed all the information I can get by asking her questions of her visions and dreams about her new upcoming business plan she was going to make. That Saturday morning, I had a one-to-one session with her in a small coffee shop in Kemang, and thankfully, we had the place to ourselves, where it was just quietly set up for us both. I recorded our conversations through my laptop, enjoyed and exchanged of common principals in life. She had a great desire to help others and to come across someone like her is very hard to find these days. A soft, melancholic lady with a heart of gold for me, she was a figure of a big sister I long wanted. A person with gave you the touch of words that made you feel good about yourself and never tried hard to please  you.

Our conversations had lifted my heart, my own desires in life. Funny thing is that I felt really connected to this lady that I have only known for a couple of days. I only prayed under my breath that she will be the one of my mentors in life. 🙂

4. Ibu Nuning (“Ibu” is “Mrs / Madam” in Indonesian) 

Last Sunday, I paid a visit to SOS Children’s Village again to also donate my old books and toys to the kids there, and met Ibu Nuning. A lady who has been working for SOS and the kids for 27 years now. I thought she was amazing, her love towards the kids and her job has made me look upon myself and wonder if I’ll ever find that strength to go through this life. Sharing small chats, and discovering that she has already lived without her husband by her side for 13 years,but only because her husband is also working for the SOS Children Villages in Semarang, Central Java. They have this long distance marriage, and still working along fine. She said she prayed every night for strength to do as she was destined to do. And thankfully, until today, there hasn’t a day gone by that she has regret her decision. Every month she will have at least one time to go visit her husband in Semarang, but that she has gone through for 13 years. I can never imagine what she is going through, but I am so sure, she is blessed and well taken care of by God himself. God bless her for her love towards the things she goes through in life.

So these are the people I’ve come across last week, that has given me more meaning to my life. These small and long chats are the fruits of my life that I never replace… Thank you God…

Small and Long Chats

Have I told you?

Have I told you that I have always believed that as much as I love taking photographs… I know that it will be the death of me too… I live and die for photographs… memories and moments I know I can never erase through photographs… I am addicted to reliving the glory days of a certain moment or event. It keeps me sane and alive.

This also goes to my writings as well. As I grow older, I realize how depended I am to writing about everything. The things I experienced or felt, most of them have been written, and therefore, I am still clinging to the past like a maniac retard, and yet, I’ve never felt so much alive than ever. Appreciating every moment that ever happened in my life and to be able to read it over again, is just a blessing. For me.

At this very moment, my heart is aching (in a good way) aching because it all happened. The pictures I went through, it all happened and had passed by just like that. It was crazy, recklessly fun. It was hell of a ride. And tell you what, it feels pretty damn good! Hahaha. I can laugh at my own foolishness and naiveness. No one else can. Only me, myself and I.

Which brings me to the point where I don’t really care of what people think nowadays about me. I’ve done quite enough to try to impress.

Now I just want to be.

And let me say it again, photographs and writings till I die. 🙂

Have I told you?

Fun Freelancing for a Good Cause – Part I

As you know that, ever since I didn’t continue my contract with Filmogue, I’ve been free as a bird. Been making my own decisions about life and all, and it may look a little selfish, but for me, its something that I have to do eventually before I regret my days later in life.  Thankfully until today, I am still fine and breathing fresh air. Also life is getting more exciting by the day. Here’s how it all started.

A few months back, my dad has been putting out the word for me that I was looking for a job which landed him, lending a word or two to his old colleague, who worked with him in the USAID and ASEAN back in the days. She and her husband owns a production house. Surprisingly its an international production house, that has lots of freelancers who worked dedicatedly to this very interesting executive producer, Ibu Dian. She has made this company way back, and has been doing it ever since. Working along side with many international broadcasting companies, she has brought her own production house as one of the most reliable international production house in Jakarta.

Dad told me that she was a very interesting woman who enjoyed her job and takes pride in what she does. She is a very strong woman, and also hilariously fun too. So my dad says to her this, “Why don’t you talk to my daughter, she used to be a project manager.. She might be able to help you.” And so there you have it, I cannot back down on that, can I? especially when my dad has already referred me to her, I followed dad’s request into meeting Ibu Dian in person. I really had no idea what’s to come, but I told myself I should just give it a try and see how it goes. Just an innocent chat will do, won’t hurt, right?

Ibu Dian and I met at Epicentrum, and we exchanged our experiences, and seems to me, she was actually doing the job I did last year only this lady was more professional and much more experienced than I was. She knew her grounds and really knows how to make it all work out. Not like me! Me, who was not-experienced in working as a producer should be doing and did not enjoy it enough. I was honest to her about wanting to work for a lighter side of things and that I also wanted to go back to school by looking for a scholarship too. She was really helpfully, and so elegantly straightforward in things, I thought she was cool. We ended our 2 hour chat, with her telling me that she’ll look for something for me that I might be interested it. I don’t know what but I did had a bit of doubt of what will come along.

BUT NOW, it gets interesting.  2 weeks later, suddenly, she emails me asking me if I would be interested in being a “Fixer” for a TV program from Singapore, AxN for a day. In my mind, I was like thinking, okay, if I had to do something like being a producer again for the day, I would kinda kill myself, because you all know that I don’t like counting budgets and all. and on the other hand, I needed a job and well, money of course. The last 2 months was great and all, but seriously if you don’t get something on the side, might as well just go under. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll just do it anyway. When I was referred to the AxN crew, they actually handed me to the other client, to help them sort out a few things and assist them for consulting on the site. Hmm. Okay, been thrown back to the client. At first, I was not quite sure about it but I already jumped into it so I could not go back either. And what the hell is FIXER!?!!! Haven’t heard such a thing. Seriously. Good God!

But anyway, eventually someone called me up, her name was Zoe. She was from a media agency in Kuala Lumpur called Zenith, who was handling Axiata Malaysia as her client to help them with their CSR program. Turns out their CSR program is connected to AxN, (the TV channel we usually watch for Wipeout Australia or Hawaii-O Five) who will be shooting for their CSR program. It will be a new TV program they will be launching next year about fulfilling wishes of not so fortunate kids across Asia. They will be picked in each countries and Axiata will be helping out in fullfilling their wishes. The ones who are picked in Indonesia, are two boys from a foster home called the SOS Children’s Village in Cibubur. And my mission was to take Zoe from Zenith and clients from Axiata to SOS Cibubur to connect them, and address them with their plans to help these two special boys named Adit and Benny, to fulfill their wishes.

And the adventures begins as a Freelancer Fixer for a Good Cause.

Will write it in another post, kay….

Fun Freelancing for a Good Cause – Part I

Let’s Zumba

Haha. Today I just had my first Zumba class in the gym. It was hilarious!

So I heard all about the hype from like months ago, did not take interest in it or what so ever. Back then I was probably not so motivated to go to the gym because a lot was on my mind, so gym took no priorities in my life.

But then today, I woke up feeling like I wanted to do this Zumba class, so I turned on my laptop and researched it on Youtube about it. And basically it was like a dance class, although with aerobic style on the side, it had the moves that made you sweat.  And that was exactly what I needed. To just sweat.

I hurried to the gym for the class and there I was with only 2 other girls, we started our class. First with some warm-ups, and then to its regular routine. The instructor was very energetic and the music was alright. But I notice something, it was really nice to do this Zumba thing, why? Cause it was the basic salsa-samba-hiphop movements. With that, I was picking up the pace real easy cause I remembered how much I lovedddddd dancing. Yup. I used to have salsa classes when I was in college, and my love for music from the Latinos, I just could not stop dancing. It was so fun! I even caught several times the instructor giving me thumbs up for catching up so quickly. Hihihi.. Cause I did love the music. and the dancing…

In my mind, I was saying,”Hey, let’s be silly and just dance away… ” Who cares what people think about the wrong moves or the swaying bootylicious butt you have, you’re just having fun and no one should take that away from you. No one. Be silly and crazy! That’s when you realize how much you love yourself. You owe it to your body, to embrace it and be free. So I was proud of myself for going to that class today. It was for me. Not for anyone else. Just for me. To enjoy and savor it.

So I can’t wait for another Zumba class next time. Probably I’ll be taking the Body Jam class tomorrow, depending on the time. Also can’t forget my RPM class too. I don’t want to forget that. Hihihi..

Anyway, if you have time for gym, go for it while you can.. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself when you do, trust me! I know I have! Cheers!

Let’s Zumba


“You were the one who left me, 

Now why you’re the one who cast me away?”

These thoughts of mine, haunt me as a question unanswered… randomly thinking of an old friend, when one time we dated and now, because he is dating someone else, he doesn’t talk to me anymore. Its sad and to come think of it, we were friends first, even before we dated. Why can’t we just go back to those time? I’ve long forgotten of the times we’ve dated, but my goodness, we were so naive back then… please…. but hey, I guess when someone just doesn’t want to talk anymore.. well, then, what can I do, can I…

Because of these thoughts, I begin to wonder again, I want to be as poetic as I was when I was younger. I got traumatized by a statement of a friend that says I was too sensitive. But then the key to who I really was, was just sensitive. To be romantic and playful with words and my goodness I miss the epiphany of a moving motion and thoughts…

So here I am, digging deeper to open free of the feelings that had lead me to this very day, to be… well, me.


There Is

“Those notes you wrote me
I’ve kept them all
I’ve given a lot of thought
of how to write you back this fall
With every single letter
in every single word
There will be a hidden message
about a boy that loves a girl

Do you care if I
Don’t know what to say
Will you sleep tonight
Or will you think of me
Will I shake this off
Pretend its all okay
That there’s someone out there
Who feels just like me
There is”

Took these words from Box Car Racer’s song – There Is… the glory days when I was still in my college days, one of the greatest songs that tells the story of my life. And until today, i still think sometimes exactly what these words are saying…

I too sometimes wonder, when I become a mom and have kids of my own, will I still be liking these type of genre music ? Hhahaha.. it’s so random. But it never fails for me. I still love this song…

There Is