New Blog for A Special Someone

Got an epiphany just today. Also with the help of meeting relatives on this festive day of Eid Mubarak, I thought, hey, why don’t I make a blog dedicated to my late grandfather, whom I was very close with until I was around 7 years old.

I remembered him being the most loving grandfather that ever lived, but also heard stories of how strict he was with his only son, which is my dad. His nephews and nieces also remembered my grandfather as one noble guy and so it got me curious.

I tend to dream of him sometimes, and when I do, I usually get really real things happening because of him. Like he’s giving me signs and all. And with that sometimes it can be really creepy cool. If you know what I mean. LOL.

I knew for one thing he also was very good in writing. He loved to write books and essays. And many had looked up to him, that is why I have a good feeling about this blog I’m making for him, as a therapy for me to start opening up to things that have been on my mind. I know I won’t be getting a straight answer, but at least, I’m writing to someone out there, who has been there for me when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure he IS around, listening and watching. 🙂

I sometimes think that because I have this shintadharmayu blog, over here, sometimes it sounds obnoxious at times. Complaining to whom, I don’t know. And sometimes insecure. But because now I’ll be writing to him, it kinda gives me to the warmth of thought that he would understand more on life and what’s it all about than me as I am still figuring out many things in life.

I will still continue on making entries on this one. But basically when I need advice or questions and just pure storytelling, I’d like to imagine that my grandfather is reading it. Don’t you think? No? Ahh.. I’m doing it anyway…

So guys, if you’re interested, just open

I think it will be a fun project for myself. Wish me luck kay?

New Blog for A Special Someone

Letter to my dear Daddy

Dear Dad,
Lately I’ve been reading again “The Power” , the sequel book of “The Secret”… And I think by reading this book, I should share about something very meaningful and I hope we can all be positive about this. Because we’re actually in the middle of something that might or might not happen “yet”, which is the land in Bali being sold, I only want to point out something so that we don’t lose focus of what’s more important ….
“Money is only a tool for you to experience the things you love in life. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that money is the only way you can receive something. That is limited thinking and you will only limit your life…”
“Imagine being with what you love, doing what you love, and having the things you love, because you will feel far more love than you will if you only think about money.” 
“The beauty of life is that when you put love first, all the money you need to live a full life comes to you.”
Kinda need to keep reminding ourselves of this yahh…. Love you all, and with many prayers I only hope that we’re all in good health and may love always be around us to attract the good things in life…

much love,

Shinta Dharmayu Sunoto
Letter to my dear Daddy