Best Nine Instagram 2016

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe that 2016 events can be shorten into nine pictures to conclude the whole year for you..  I believe there is more to just nine…

I have to say that 2016 was a fast year… Like I said before and again I could imagine it like a blink of an eye…

photo-2-1-17-2-02-46-pmMy best nine is :

  1. Fighting Until We are One :

It was my bestfriend from college’s wedding. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I was so honour to also be her photographer on her big day… It was an amazing and daring wedding for me too. Such a brave decision made by the two when they actually put aside their differences to become one as life partners. I respect them whole heartedly… Was a great weekend wedding with the help of my lil sista cousin, and her two gifted friends from her old university too. It was a match made for both the wedding couples and the documentary team.

  1. com

This was a blessing in disguise, I was hired as a video producer for a local music website. This website is specific for local Indonesian musicians to show their talents through the world wide web. We are here to help local artist promote their music through our website and Youtube channel. Packed with several contents for audience to see, I met the whole team and absolutely blend in. I learned a lot from them, met amazing musicians and how the music industry work.

  1. Late Night Hangout Buddies

These are uur friends when we needed to hangout late nights for chats. From serious talks about life until silly jokes long forgotten and found again. A pleasure to be able to talk endlessly with this bunch…

  1. Dad Mom

Aww, the power couple, through thick and thin, these two are the people I look up to so much. Thankfully they are my parents. Believe me, they are far from perfect, but they seem to have it right at times. For better for worse they say, right? Well, these two are the answers to my questions about relationships from time to time.

  1. The Big Ten

These are my first cousins from my mother’s side. They are a silly bunch but so loving and caring, I sometimes don’t really believe that we are blood related. I’m grateful to have them all. I pray that we would never part from our silly ways and make life less stressful than it already is at times.

  1. Sister Love

My sister, she’s the bomb. She is a real fighter. 2016 was a rough ride for her. But she made it through. She’s my greatest gift, as I always say. She can never replace anyone ever.

  1. My Balance

I believe I met this wonderful person for a reason, 10 years has gone by and we still are glued to each other. Although we have our differences in perspective, but we keep on trying to understand each other differences. He reminds me a lot about the things in the little things I fail to see. It is why I call him my balance in life.

  1. Being a Bridemaid for a Day

“Shinta, will you be one of my bridesmaid?” First, I did not believe what I just heard, it was a surprise for me because well, I did not know that I was even considered a closest friend by this darling gorgeous lady. She is one of my boyfriend’s closest friends since highschool. Ever since I went out with my boyfriend, I have to say I found a dear friendship with her and we’ve connected ever since, until the day of her wedding. She and her husband are the cutest couple I’ve ever met and wonderfully happy for them both. I was very excited to be her bridesmaid and it showed. So this is the picture of the princess bride herself and her bridesmaid.

  1. 4/5 of the Fantasic Five

I have long wanted to watch my brother play hockey and this was the day, but to explain, this is my mom’s cousin sons. Here in the picture only has two of her sons, now the eldest is not with us in the picture because he is so far away. He lives in America now. So that’s why I call it the 4/5 of Fantastic Five. Although the good news is, this year there is a very good chance that we’ll have another full Fantastic Five picture together again!

So once again, thank you 2016 for the wonderful memories with this lot! Thank you for the lessons and great adventures. Now I’m off to 2017 and start new memories! :*

Best Nine Instagram 2016

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