Fun Freelancing for a Good Cause – Part II

Let me continue, what I have started.

My journey still continues with Axiata and AxN in helping fulfill the wishes of these two boys. The first time being a freelance fixer, I thought was just easy, translating and well, analyzing the situation for a few foreigners who have no clue to where they are and how to get to where they want to and etc. But during the meetings, I was involved more than I thought I would. They needed more people to help their task in Jakarta. This task also was not easy with the tight deadline that was only dependent on the availability of one particular host, with that, there was no other way that it could be extended or so.

First of all, let me tell you what Adit and Benny (the two boys I was talking about), wished for. They wished they could have more information about how to become a doctor with also a bigger library including upgraded computers. Now, now you see, with those kind of wishes, that means there are lots to be done, not other than, interior designing itself. First, I thought, hey, maybe they already have someone in mind to redecorate the learning center of SOS Children’s Village, but as I studied their conversation among the clients, nope. Nothing. Nil. They had no interior designer ready for the job, and suddenly, one of the clients of Axiata turns to me and asks the question, “Do you know any interior designer from Jakarta who can help us?” As tricky as this question was asked to me, I was not quite sure, whether I should say no, not I can think of, but with a quick response , I said, “Yes.” But my brain was encrypting of all the people I knew, and not of them I knew were good interior designers that can work as fast. Damn. I was in deep shit.

So the meeting ended that day, with them heading back to KL. Zoe gave me my fee and told me that she would contact me again, if there are any more assistance she would need in the future. I, for one hand, did not want to hope or wish. I just thanked her and went home.

Two days later, I got an email from Zoe, saying that she needed me to do all these things, and asking me about my fee, for a month. I was like wow… This is awesome. I would be paid for a month and well, I would have something to do as well. Yippee! So I contacted Ibu Dian, the lady friend of my dad who gave me this job at the first place, and set my price which completely blown me away, this was just awesome. But let me tell you something, through awesomeness, there is always something you have to go through before the awesomeness sticks by you. You have to go through a lot of shit (pardon my language but hey) first to really really savor it all. Believe me, this piece of writing here is getting there.

1. First task, find an interior designer who was available, and is able work fast as in just 1 week.

ARGHHHH! This was a pain. Who would want to work that fast and well, how? I was at my feet, finding someone who would want to help. Once I did, I pitched them to the client. They seem to like what they saw. I was happy, but something was lurking behind me. I could not figure it out but something was but went with it.

2. Second task, ask interior designer to come to the site and meet up with client to discuss further matters.

Now, I thought, I had it all in my hands, the interior designer said okay, the clients were okay. But turns out, the night before we had an internal meeting with the interior designer at SOS, Cibubur. The interior designer bails on me last minute, saying that he could not do the job, and I was frantic! I could not think of any other options. My head was going to exploded because I knew that I could not find any interior designer in the middle of the night. And that was my one job, my crucial task for this job. With my head spinning, thankfully the interior designer who bailed on me gave me another option. He helped me find another interior designer who could execute the job and gave me this other guy’s phone number. Immediately dial the number, and took my chances. I didn’t really care anymore, I needed to find an interior designer who is willing to do the job. And in my heart, I was just praying to God, asking him to assist and guide me through. I only said this, “I only want to do something good for the kids. I only want to do good. Nothing more, nothing less. I want this to happen. I just want to help..” I chanted this mantra over and over, and at that time, this new guy, on the phone was more confident than ever about making this work. His name was Adit, nickname Didiet.

The next morning, we were able to meet up in SOS Cibubur and my client who I already informed about the changes of interior designer, talked it through and explain on the condition, their wishes to make a whole new different look for the computer room and library. Additional also another room where children can be more expressive such as music, costumes, basically anything to do with art.

So at least that was settled for now. The client has met the interior designer. My main job was done, but the adventures along the way, was going to be hell of a ride.

Continuing later in Part III…

Fun Freelancing for a Good Cause – Part II

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