Found Treasure!

a lousy day today. woke up too late. didn’t know what to do. not really good for me but i got back on my feet again, when i helped mom to clear some boxes in the gallery room. we all sorted out the boxes we’ve never touched since we moved to our current address. 

looking over boxes to boxes, i found the most precious, priceless treasure of all, a box filled with photo albums and inside were photos of my late grandfather. with his wife and only son, my dad! ahhhh it was such a refreshing feeling to find those albums and looked over them and got me thinking clearer again. on my life and how i wanted to be later. i wanted to be like my grandfather. a person with great charisma, pride and he went around the world. he was heard, and respected. going through the pages of the photo albums, oh how long i wish he could be here right now, and tell me stories of his past.. i’m so proud i can’t even describe it at all. 

i want to be as ‘rich’ as he was. i really do. Image

Found Treasure!

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