Let’s Zumba

Haha. Today I just had my first Zumba class in the gym. It was hilarious!

So I heard all about the hype from like months ago, did not take interest in it or what so ever. Back then I was probably not so motivated to go to the gym because a lot was on my mind, so gym took no priorities in my life.

But then today, I woke up feeling like I wanted to do this Zumba class, so I turned on my laptop and researched it on Youtube about it. And basically it was like a dance class, although with aerobic style on the side, it had the moves that made you sweat.  And that was exactly what I needed. To just sweat.

I hurried to the gym for the class and there I was with only 2 other girls, we started our class. First with some warm-ups, and then to its regular routine. The instructor was very energetic and the music was alright. But I notice something, it was really nice to do this Zumba thing, why? Cause it was the basic salsa-samba-hiphop movements. With that, I was picking up the pace real easy cause I remembered how much I lovedddddd dancing. Yup. I used to have salsa classes when I was in college, and my love for music from the Latinos, I just could not stop dancing. It was so fun! I even caught several times the instructor giving me thumbs up for catching up so quickly. Hihihi.. Cause I did love the music. and the dancing…

In my mind, I was saying,”Hey, let’s be silly and just dance away… ” Who cares what people think about the wrong moves or the swaying bootylicious butt you have, you’re just having fun and no one should take that away from you. No one. Be silly and crazy! That’s when you realize how much you love yourself. You owe it to your body, to embrace it and be free. So I was proud of myself for going to that class today. It was for me. Not for anyone else. Just for me. To enjoy and savor it.

So I can’t wait for another Zumba class next time. Probably I’ll be taking the Body Jam class tomorrow, depending on the time. Also can’t forget my RPM class too. I don’t want to forget that. Hihihi..

Anyway, if you have time for gym, go for it while you can.. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself when you do, trust me! I know I have! Cheers!

Let’s Zumba

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