A Gift that Would Be My Investment For Life

Please please don’t look at it as a blog of bragging, please read it as a blog of saying my gratitudes.

On the 8th of July, my dad had dragged me to a camera store that day to buy me a new camera.

So yes, I’ve been playing with cameras since I was a girl, I’ve always been fascinated with cameras and video cameras and so back in 2003, my dad bought me my first digital camera, Canon 300D. A 3 digit Canon camera, that was good enough to take shoots and practice my “eye”. Then 2007, I was able to upgrade it to the 400D, and gave my 300D to my sister. Hooray! I was psych and did many photographs with it. Brought it everywhere I went and took thousands of photos. Events, self-portraits, adventures, music concerts, everything. I felt safe and confident with that camera. It gave me life.

As years gone by, and real life was at your door step, I lost touch of my fellow friend, I had to work and none of my job needed a camera in my hands. I grew apart from my camera and did not use it as much anymore. We drifted apart, and automatically, I started to be depressed and lonely. I kept on looking at the camera and wanting to hold it like before with no regrets, but this time, I couldn’t take pictures like usual.

Then after feeling a bit distant with my camera and that things weren’t going so good in my work place, I got to hold my camera again. Make a few pictures with it, and then realized that I missed my camera too much. And had to do something about it. I missed taking pictures and uploading it to my blog and write about them and so I started doing it all over again. This had lead my dad to see what I was truly passionate for. My pictures, my photography, I adored pictures ever since I was a kid and I can never lay off my eyes on images that move me.

I’ve always dreamt to have a really badass camera one day. A camera that most professional photographers consume. The Canon 5D Mark II. Back in 2008, it had been released and proclaimed as one of the best professional camera that can be consumed by just anybody. It had FULL HD Video, that can record moving images as well. Back then, until 2012, if I had that camera in my hands, I’m a goner. As in, it’ll make my life complete and I’ll just do photography and videos for the rest of my life. I actually said that to my dad one night.

Just months ago, one of my closest friend, Avie, asked me to meet up with his friend too, about making an experimental short film together. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of it back then. I had a job, and I can’t really get out of. And kinda felt lost cause I too, didn’t have a camera that really could soar to the max. We had to rent it out, and that takes a lot of money as well. So I thought, well, it’ll happen when it happens. We were also talking about this badass new camera that came out, which was the Canon 5D Mark III. It was the latest and had new features that would maximize the video record and all sorts. It was a dream to have that in my hands. Just merely a dream.

But a miracle happened, like I told you before, our Bali land was sold and well, we were able to start over with our lives. Picking up the pieces, it was such a blessing for my family, we can’t thank God for this precious gift. Grateful for this miracle…  which led to my dad dragging me to the camera store. He saw my wishlist and was observing, and told me, “I’m going to buy you a new camera, but it should be able to produce more.” I was shocked and so thrilled, I was speechless. He searches for the latest cameras in the store and picks the new and latest Canon. The 5D Mark III. The ultimate camera to make my dreams come true. It was in my hands. I took it and held it and never felt so real in my entire life. I’ve held the 5D Mark II, but this was a brand new 5D… its insane!! I was screaming inside, I couldn’t be more happier in my life at that moment.

So my dad gave me a gift, a gift that would be my investment for life and I really really need to set things right and make this my life. My one and only. I just hope I’ll be able to get a job that would really make me have time to learn more about this funky ass gadget of mine. And I gave my new member a name now, its name is “Toble” from Toblerone cocktail… (my favorite cocktail drink at the moment)

I’m truly blessed and so grateful… and yes, I need to set things straight and make this a real investment for my life! YEAY!

A Gift that Would Be My Investment For Life

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