“You were the one who left me, 

Now why you’re the one who cast me away?”

These thoughts of mine, haunt me as a question unanswered… randomly thinking of an old friend, when one time we dated and now, because he is dating someone else, he doesn’t talk to me anymore. Its sad and to come think of it, we were friends first, even before we dated. Why can’t we just go back to those time? I’ve long forgotten of the times we’ve dated, but my goodness, we were so naive back then… please…. but hey, I guess when someone just doesn’t want to talk anymore.. well, then, what can I do, can I…

Because of these thoughts, I begin to wonder again, I want to be as poetic as I was when I was younger. I got traumatized by a statement of a friend that says I was too sensitive. But then the key to who I really was, was just sensitive. To be romantic and playful with words and my goodness I miss the epiphany of a moving motion and thoughts…

So here I am, digging deeper to open free of the feelings that had lead me to this very day, to be… well, me.


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