There Is

“Those notes you wrote me
I’ve kept them all
I’ve given a lot of thought
of how to write you back this fall
With every single letter
in every single word
There will be a hidden message
about a boy that loves a girl

Do you care if I
Don’t know what to say
Will you sleep tonight
Or will you think of me
Will I shake this off
Pretend its all okay
That there’s someone out there
Who feels just like me
There is”

Took these words from Box Car Racer’s song – There Is… the glory days when I was still in my college days, one of the greatest songs that tells the story of my life. And until today, i still think sometimes exactly what these words are saying…

I too sometimes wonder, when I become a mom and have kids of my own, will I still be liking these type of genre music ? Hhahaha.. it’s so random. But it never fails for me. I still love this song…

There Is

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