Sadness to Reasoning

As the rain drops its soft waters among the earth, there’s a bit of sadness that fills the air.

Someone visited me today at my office doorstep, it was mas Ary, the owner of the small coffee shop I wrote about earlier in my blog. it so happens a week ago, they were dropped a bomb about their rent for space was raised beginning of this July. Without any consideration, they had to leave, because they also did not have the money yet to keep it as their small coffee shop has not really met amends financially. But with much disappointed and hurt, Mas Ary and Ajeng decided to close the small coffee shop and move to another place to find a much cheaper rent of space.

To be honest, I don’t know how to feel about this. Because this space we’re staying in, is owned by my relatives from my mom side. I highly respect them, and also mas Ary and Ajeng too for their ambition to make this small coffee shop work. But at this time, either both sides can see the real reasoning to the decision that needs to be made. They all have their reasons. Both sides have their reasons, reasons to be sad and betrayed, or reasons to increase the rent because they have to keep a living and mouths to feed. We all have the freedom to think else wise. We can never be in tune all the time, and ties can also fall apart. Nothing is forever. And well, we’re on our own at times. Nothing you can do about it… Nothing you can say about it.  We’re entitled to feel of what we feel and also fight for what we believe is the best way to the whole lot of us.

This time, I can’t wish for anything, but only the best of both sides. Because I know they have their own reasons for their own good. Their own purposes in life, I might be talking gibberish, but that’s what i’m trying to understand and how I see it through my eyes of this whole thing.

I’m sad that the small coffee shop has to shut down, and this place won’t be the place for them to go on and be better. But at least, i know its the best thing they can do for now.

Sadness to Reasoning

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