Lately, my absence gave me, this.

Man, i’m really not good at this writing in the blog thing, huh? Haven’t written in like 2 months or so. A lot have been going on and had no time to just be alone and work on my life. So center-minded, until to the part i have neglected my one true identity which is writing. crap.

So lots have been going now. the last time i wrote in the blog, again was my complaint about how i felt about life and bla bla bla… but i kinda got better, and now down the road again.

One achievement I got was that my photographs were actually posted in a website called “Girlsophy”/ . This website was originally a book I’ve been reading since I was in Junior High. Mom bought it for me. It was a book about self-discovery + soul survival to young girls out there filled with life’s philosophy but through the eyes of a girl. This book has given me so much about life. And I often still open up the pages to this book to remind myself about the lessons that we need to all go through.

This brought me to look up in the net, and find out what has Girlosophy have got to offer and turns out they have a website specializing on every thing you need to know for young girls out there. It was really something for me, and I wondered how it would be like to work for them, so I just posted a comment about wanting to work with them. Surprisingly they replied and offered me to write to them about anything. So I did. First, I wrote to them about my trip to Tulehu, a small village in the Maluku Islands on the east of Indonesia. Was there on a research about the village and a set of young soccer champions there and they said it wasn’t too strong enough, but they were amazed with the pictures I took there so I sent them a few and they thought it was superb for their website. So I was already contributing for them with my pictures. Here’s a link for you to see it :

Now I’m one of their contributors, and well, i’m in their page too!  Wonderful huh? Never thought I’d be a part of them really. Never imagined it, but I did feel like I had a great connection with Girlosophy, and I was so thrilled, I was given this opportunity to contribute to the world. I only wish, I can do more to help and contribute soon. Maybe right now, I haven’t really gotten the time yet. But I know I’ll always refer back to them as Girlosophy has been a part of me too, in some way. 

Lately, my absence gave me, this.

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