Welcome to the World, Ganesha!

IMG_0143-01-1IMG_0127-01-10Ganesha 01Ganesha 01Ganesha 01Ganesha 01
Ganesha 01Ganesha 01Ganesha 01Ganesha 01Ganesha 01IMG_0151-01-2

Welcome to the World, Ganesha!, a set on Flickr.

My newborn nephew. On the 2th of April 2012, this little boy has had his first breath in the world. My cousin, Riri had a natural birth and was glad to know that her baby is perfectly healthy. God bless her and her husband. Look at him, isn’t he the cutest thing? I really can’t wait until he gets bigger and then I get to play with him..

Welcome to the World, Ganesha!

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