Ardi & Rahma

cup and yesmy cup of tea 04my cup of tea 05my cup of tea 02My Cup of Teamy cup of tea 03
my cup of tea Looking out the WindowHouse of MemoriesNumber 7Readeasy sunday morning 02
easy sunday morning 01@Rahmacan@spybreaklove the platesoops, i see youbreezy easy

Ardi & Rahma, a set on Flickr.

Another personal project, an after-wedding photo session with Rahma and her husband, Ardi. This was a small project to take pictures of them and Rahma’s grandmother’s house. They wanted to have a good memory of this house before it was sold to another owner. So with much gratitude, I took to job in taking their pictures.

Actually there is also another set of photos called “Home” in my collection. Where I took several test shots of the house itself.

Wonderful couple to take pictures with! They’re so much fun!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the set photos as much as I did. Probably put in more later… Cheerz!

Ardi & Rahma

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