The word “BUDGET”…

31 January 2012

When it comes to budget, the word scares me… why? i shouldn’t be right? its supposed to be about money. The money that we earn, we achieve. But why each time i hear this word, my heart goes down to my stomach and creates a massive weight on my shoulder?

does this really mean, i cannot tolerate with this word? nothing fears me more than a bunch of numbers in my face. I know i shouldn’t, but i don’t think i can take it. It’s like an allergy reaction that would effect me until the sun comes down, and even through my sleep.

What do i do? What CAN i do? i’m stuck with this profession. i don’t really know how to get out of it.

And what sucks is that i think i’m realizing that i’m a much more happier person when it comes to words and describing things in my own way.

Flashbacks of my junior high school life, where writing flowed like the water, seem flawless. Good grades, lots of achievements….

I want it back, please.

The word “BUDGET”…

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