2 February 2012

For the past years, i’ve always had the love for spinning class, and especially because the music and turns out, its not just the music but also the ambience and instructor that really makes it much much better and very exciting.

Did you know that 1 RPM class, can actually burn up to 600 calories or more? and after every class you would feel great about yourself and satisfied of the workout. I know that not everybody can take a fast-pace pumping class like this one, but seriously, if you’re willing to try, don’t push it too hard. Don’t always follow the instructor when he/she tells you to pump up your resistance. Do it with your own pace first. And it’ll get in handy… and of course you’ll start losing those bad bad carbs you’ve been eating lately… Yeay!

today’s class was interesting though. i’ve been going to this gym for almost 4 years now, and i’ve been in and out of the gym, as in pure lazy or pure busy with the other things that have been going on in my life. especially work. meh. so today, it was actually my favorite instructor that is leading the RPM class. He always has a class every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at my gym.

So i have took his classes since ages ago, but the last 3 mths, i never really got the beat to get into the gym again.  However after feeling awful looking at my weight… i just had to start all over again… And whenever i do get to urge, i’d always go to his spinning class, and as always he never fails to amuse me after a good sweat cycling. The choices of music that he chooses and turning the light off while cycling… it just feel right. I never had felt so pumped up whenever i take that class. the thing is i always forget that there is that in the gym.

Because i remembered one of the tracks and thought “man, i gotta have the title at least” . I just went up to him and asked.. and then i engaged in a really light conversation about how RPM can really turn my mood around. And if the instructor doesn’t bring it on, it could make my whole day suck. Told him that he has got it. and that he should keep it up. Cause i believe with the right instructor, music and positive mind on wanting to be healthy, well, you’ll just be great.

I am grateful that i come by to him and ask.. and now i’m able to know where his other spinning classes are, and that would be a lot easier for me to know where he is at, where i could join his classes.

Today i was able to know a little more about the people around me. And i am very glad. I encountered 2 persons . 2 different worlds, but both have dreams. Very amazed and proud.. and all i can do is to stay true… and to be like them.

ANYWAY, so if you ask me whats the best workout to cut down carbs,  RPM/spinning class is the best thing ! Cheers!


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