My Cup of Tea

24 February 2012

My Cup of Tea
to @Rahmacan & @spybreak :
this is a sneak peek of the pictures i took in 2010. (so long ago.. so sorry)

a little introduction on this pic, i was asked to take pictures of mba Rahma’s grandma’s house with her husband, mas Ardi. they actually wanted it to be the interior of the house to be taken shot at, but eventually it seems to be like an “after-wed photo session” to me. i enjoyed taking these pictures on that day. so free and the house, everyone.. my goodness, it was lovely.. the vintage touch, the memories that were build in this house, had nothing to compare. i was only told the childhood memories of mba Rahma and her siblings and her playground of imaginary stories in this house. it was nice to hear them, cuz i know i’m a real sucker when it comes to stories of people.

so here is one of the pictures i took that day. will eventually put in more later.

My Cup of Tea

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