sds001-A Day with Ilma Dina 001

Ilma Zie 's Day Out

Today, i spent my day with Ilma Dina, one of my bestest buddies… since right now i’m not doing anything in particular, and looking for a job… i thought, maybe a little meeting with this lovely girl would be nice.

My day with her was lovely… sometimes i can’t really believe that we have known each other for 3 years now, and well, our story went way back when we were a birthday party and eyeing on a pizza that hasn’t been touched by anyone, and looking over at each other asking the same question, “Who’s pizza is this?” After a long pause without a word from anyone near us, we decided, “Oh well,” and YUMM! We took our slices and laughed.

She was the girlfriend of my friend from my faculty and also a great friend to my boyfriend. AND now, they tied the knot and she is married to our friend and has been a great and lovely friend on mine too. Ever since we liked to talk and meet up.. and well, it was like we knew each other for years… hehehe… We sometimes like to exchange life stories and questions that sometimes we too, don’t even know the answer to them. But its fun how we can find comfort in a friend to just talk, or maybe just listen. And no, we don’t meet often, but i know i have her in my heart, and that i know she’ll be around to talk and make me laugh.

So today was fun, we ate burgers for lunch.. added with a few lessons on how to operate a blackberry, which i’m so so dumb about. hahahaha… and  then went to gramedia bookstore to buy something, and she took me home. didn’t really did much, but i had fun.. really fun… Always a pleasure to have a day with her.. 😀

here is a pic of her and me…

sds001-A Day with Ilma Dina 001

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