Responsibility Starts From Me

It so happens, i’ve been realizing something these past few days, is that when i was younger, i did a lot of writing.. and yea, i miss it… but i also realized that i was so full of myself, maybe cuz i was talking about my life and nothing but my life… i did have favorite readers back then, but maybe if i started again now, would they be interested to hear from a gurl like me ? especially when life seems more complicated than ever, i feel like i shouldn’t be whiny about the little things in life, when i know out there, there are others who have far more greater problems to solve… so i can’t really compare… but i can share.. can i? maybe not talking to overly about the things i’m going through, but at least, let out a few words… i just hope i’m not talking too much of myself, and please … anybody who might be reading, to just remind me, if i do go over board.

So now, let me write something that i thought about, about me and what i’m doing to make myself better..  Well, ever since i went to college, i came across this university slogan that was pasted gold on our beloved building in our university which said, “Responsibility starts with me.” We, students, would all pass by it, from morning, to the evening when classes are being locked up and we still do the stupid and unusual things we do in college (that’s for the so-so kids and as for the good kids, well, u know you did well and good for you! REALLY! i’m not kidding) Imagine again, back in those days, the so-so kids, we were kinda loose… we thought we had our freedom, but then freedom comes with a price… if we aren’t careful, we would slip, or even fall into a trap…  just trouble… trouble…

BUT it all starts from us, whether we want it to happen or not… of course, we do all these things and end up, well, this way. Who we are now..  And so after all these years, again, the other day i was talking to my boyfriend and my best friend one nite about this slogan, and it made sense to me… i gotta take responsibility on my own actions. can’t back down from it… seems a bit dumb to realize it now, but i guess we all have to start somewhere, and this blog i’m making is something i’m trying to do… that begins with responsibility. i gotta be committed to this, in order to get somewhere, maybe this blog might not take me that far, but at least it would do good for my own being. To speak out the words that have been trapped in my head, for quite a while. I even downloaded a “Word Press” application for my Blackberry… so if anything pops up, then well, i just write.. 🙂

to have a thought like this, i also thought about taking pictures everyday too.. hopefully i can do that.. 😀 heh! ( crossing my finger) but i have to start.. and i gotta discipline myself to doing something i am committed to. which is my writing and my love for photography. even though i might not be the best photographer… but i want to try, and it should start here… and also i will share my thoughts and my life here, for you to see and look at it from my world… and if you do have any criticisms or want to say something about it.. please do… i will try my best to look at it in another point of view, ( it won’t be easy, but please be gentle with me, please )

so there you go, enjoy my writings… and have a happy day, wherever you are.

Responsibility Starts From Me

2 thoughts on “Responsibility Starts From Me

  1. Novi Komala says:

    senangnya membaca blog mu lagi shin..
    semoga dengan blog ini,apa yang uda kamu bagikan ke orang juga bisa berguna buat kehidupan mereka.
    jangan putus ya..Amiiin..
    Love you..mwaaah..

    1. shintadharmayu says:

      huhuu… terima kasih, ceppi… huhu.. seperti kamu akan jadi salah satu pembaca ku yg setia entar.. huhu…
      semoga aku jg bisa bervariasi dengan bahasanya yah.. hehee.. pake bahasa indo, skali2 yah… kekekkee..
      *hugz you tight* love you too!

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