A Door Closes, Another Opens..

oh dear, its been too long, haha…. i don’t write or type as often i used to… but i tend to think about it once in a while and want to write again, about many things, but never got to my journal or this particular page. My boyfriend keeps on asking me to write again. Preferable in Indonesian, he says. Hahaha… that would be a problem, cause it isn’t my strongest point, but i know i have to try someday… hmm… but not today… let me just write what i want to write today…

you must be thinking what’s with the title i just wrote today? well, yup, i have just experience life’s greatest lesson.. to fail… well maybe you wouldn’t call it failing, but for me, this is like something i have to go through, in order to get to a better place, or lets say the top of the wheel of life. last week, when i thought that the place where i worked for was the best thing that has ever happened to me after a bumpy year of 2009… i got the news that i was being ‘let go’ cuz of technical reasons… i understood every word, everything they needed… i did get into a emotional breakdown in front of the big boss, but i manage to restrain myself from feeling down and more looking to the bright side of this event of my life. another step i have to go through, a step where i can see what’s more important for me and the life i’m living now. its tough, especially when you’re constantly thinking about your father, and wanting to make him proud. but i failed. i had to fail this time. in order to become the real me. the me that i’m happy about… without regrets. knowing that life doesn’t just stop there… but still i want to make my father proud. i know i will, but not here, i guess. not in this company. but somewhere else, and even better.

Even though, this event has come upon me, i have no hatred towards this company. why? cause i gained something else beside this great lesson.. that is friends. good friends… each one of them had something meaningful for me, some even caught me by surprised by the reaction they had for me leaving this company. for me, that is priceless… and made me feel whole… cause i wasn’t there just for nothing… i did gain friends, i do hope one day we’ll be able to work or even come pass by for a drink or even a chat… as friends… good friends that will last for a lifetime.

so you might think that this door has closes but i know there is another door waiting for me to open. and i wasn’t wasting my time, actually building a great network of friends in my life… and i know we’ll come across each other one day… soon or later…

so i just have to be positive and wait for that other door to open… *fingers crossed*

A Door Closes, Another Opens..

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