Breakin’ A Sweat – The Article

hey guyz, this is an article i made like in a hour… don’t know if it works… but funny thing is.. i showed this article to a friend, Miss Maria Natasja, and she just hit at my gym and signed in immediately… ahhahahhaa… which i think was a good thing… and maybe some of you guys, would feel the need of sports and a healthier lifestyle… Hope its a treat and not a threat… Make it light, and again, everything is up to you by the end of the day…


Thinking of going to the gym or having to step on a cardio machine can make you curse you weren’t there especially when you feel like you have better things to do or simply just think its just a waste of time. Besides going to the mall, or going out with friends to eat are a lot more fun and tummy satisfying rather than breaking some sweat. But hold that thought, ‘cause there are several interesting reasons why you should start going to the gym. Here are several that can change your mind about workouts and the gym.

Ever felt so tired you can’t even get out of bed, or even when you’re just doing your regular chores, then you drop down feeling fatigue as if you just carried 20 kilos of rice over your shoulders? Well, this might be a sign that you aren’t really as healthy as you thought you were. Some say that because you don’t go to the gym or do any sports, it means that you’re already fit and ready to go. But it means that you need to give your body a boost of energy. You would probably think that, “Ahh, why go to the gym, when you have so much to do at work or whatever particular reason and excuses that comes to mind.” But believe me, this is where your great investment kicks in.

Your body and soul isn’t something that you can buy and replace with a spare part. It’s a delicate living soul that needs care and love as much as we do as humans and their relationships. As for the body, it needs food to help as ease our hunger because it needs energy. But if that energy is not used regularly, it also can be a toxic thing that can affect you later in life. It turns to bad fat that can be very hard to eliminate. Maybe it would catch you now, but you’ll probably have to pay the price later when you’ve turned to your 50s-60s and it wouldn’t be pretty sight as well. You would probably have to pay an amount of money to get it all back together. Going to hospital for medication and cure but rather its only sucking your money for your healthy than spending it for your children’s college fee or even your long time dream to have a very expensive car. All the hard work you have done all your life, just wasted on medicines you just have to take in order to be fit. So why not start working out now? When you’re still fit and can make a difference in your life for your future.

It is known that doing any kind of sports, boost up not only your energy but also your soul, giving you a positive vibe and view in life. It can make your life much fuller and easier. Like you just had a very tiring day from work, and your mind seems to want to explode to bits and pieces, then going to the gym might help. Go join an upbeat class, a class to do with kickboxing, or even simply a easy light hip-hop class. It doesn’t hurt a bit, especially when you have a play list of pumping, action-packed music that can give you that ecstatic great feeling. Getting into a class with an instructor isn’t like going into a room where there’s an exam taken. It’s naturally a fun way to just get those toxic feelings out of your system. Not to mention, giving you more confidence in yourself, each time you have just had a great workout. Again, if an achievement and good result you want, then try to make it regular which eventually becomes a habit that you can’t even resist.

When going to the gym becomes a habit that means it’s already a lifestyle you’re choosing. Don’t forget to also eat healthy food to maximize your journey to a better you. You won’t regret one bit, when you decide to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle. It will become a great accomplishment for your future and your own personal investment. Not only you will look great, you will also feel superb in facing life’s obstacles without any resentment. So why not get up, go to the nearest gym, burn a few calories; feel the difference and you get your life in shape with satisfying result in the end. Break a Sweat and Enjoy!

Breakin’ A Sweat – The Article

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