Breaking A Sweat

Hahaha… My first topic I want to talk about. Yes, as you all know I have been going to the gym lately, working my a$$ off thru heavy, exhausting PT sessions and fun, exciting cardios such as body combat and body jam. Okay, what made me want to do these things? A GOAL… Yep, fellas, I want to at least be leaner by the time my best friends weddings next November and December. Haa! ahiehieahiaehi.. what a way to motivate yourself, eh? 😀

Well, that’s one motivation, but to tell you the truth, just simply caring for your body now, is actually caring for your body for the rest of your life. We’re still young and still active, we should be able to use this body well, in order to get the best of it in our older years. Like for instant, I want to have a good body that can support a child later when I’m married and going to have kids. I also want to be fit, well and healthy so I’m able to take care of my husband and kids. So yes, I am thinking about it. And I do too want to look nice, so that I can feel good about myself. When else can I do it… but now! Cause time is ticking and before you know it, you might not be able to move your bones like you used to.

So there, that is something I want to share, why I have been going crazy in the gym lately, is because of that, and hopefully you guys will also have the urge to feel healthy now for a better future and your loved ones.

A Lady's Motivation
A Lady's Motivation
Breaking A Sweat

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